Greetings and best regards to all the dear users of Billboard

In order to improve its service, Billboard website provides the terms and conditions of using its services as follows.

It should be noted that this page may be updated in the future, and registering users and using the services on the website or billboard application constitutes acceptance and approval of the website rules.

General Terms of Service;

  1. All rights reserved to Zardis Khorram Saman legal entity with registration number 685, and any partial or partial copying of the content, UI and theme of the billboard collection is forbidden by Sharia and is subject to legal prosecution.
  2. In some sections of the billboard, users help us to complete and develop the items. These user-centric sections, after the approval of the billboard experts, publish the content and make it visible to the public, but still if the content was illegal and Error confirmed, first the content will be deleted and then the uploading user will be identified and the necessary actions will be taken.
  3. Billboard users with a contact number will be able to register and use all our features, but users will not be able to delete their account and if they wish and insist on deleting, their content will be archived and in public view. Will be exited.
  4. Each contact number can only create one account, but there is no limit to creating one.
  5. All users are only able to register and authenticate with the +98 prefix for our beloved country of Iran, and no user from abroad and with virtual numbers can use dedicated services and have an account.
  6. Users who intend to create an account for landline numbers should contact the company’s contact number so that the necessary steps can be taken by our experts.
  7. Dear users, in order to use the support and free consultation services, you can solve your problem by registering a ticket or calling the company in person.
  8. Dear users, you can raise your problems in the forum section so that other users and experts in the forum section can answer them.
  9. In the introduction section of the new section of the site, which includes the citizen reporter, billboards of files, music, movies and series that users only introduce, they have no responsibility for it and all their responsibility is on the billboard. Dear users, if you want to publish your file, you should send it in the file sales cooperation section.
  10. You should be careful in posting your comments and refrain from posting offensive or threatening comments to users. If you report a violation, you will be blocked from writing comments.

Requirement Rules, Job Bank And freelance;

  1. The secure payment section for buying and selling goods is only for those who activate the check box when registering an ad and pay the fee.
  2. In the freelancing section, all payments are pledged and the employers and executives are comfortable with their money.
  3. Cancellation of the project requires the agreement of the parties, otherwise the billboard expert will take action and announce the result.
  4. Job Bank is completely free.
  5. Each user can register a total of 10 ads (Job Bank, Freelancing or Needs) for free, and then must purchase and register ads from our low-cost plans.
  6. Ads do not have an expiration date and the user must remove it from the account. (Advantage of not deleting ads and increase feedback for users who have total sales.)

News section rules

  1. Content related to the news section is collected and published by our powerful robots from other reputable news sources such as Tabnak, News Network and the Young Journalists Club, so the accuracy of the news is the responsibility of the partner and source news agency and is necessary. Note that duplicate news will not be uploaded.
  2. Billboard has no responsibility for the news collected from other sources, but our experts do their best to get the best and most up-to-date news to you, dear users.
  3. Billboard-specific news is published by Billboard reporters.
  4. All news is up to date, so please note the date it was posted.

Billboard TV Rules;

  • If you do not follow the rules, Billboard TV can delete the video, block the channel or close the ability to upload videos.

Note: The duration of the mentioned fines depends on the type and severity of your violation. There may be a penalty for your account from one day until the entire account is blocked.

With reference to Article 74 of the Electronic Commerce Law approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 10/17/1382 and considering that the Billboard TV site is an example of electronic audio and video exchanges, the responsibility for violating the rights specified by the authors in The above law, such as reproduction, execution and distribution or any content contrary to the laws of Iran is the responsibility of users.

    • Billboard TV site is subject to all relevant laws of the country, especially the law of electronic commerce, so violation of any behavior that involves violation of any of the laws of the country is considered criminal and can be prosecuted.
    • Billboard TV provides users with a free video upload platform, and Billboard TV reserves the right to broadcast advertisements on videos uploaded on the site.
    • After uploading the video, Billboard TV reserves the right to publish, delete and edit the uploaded videos.
    • You must send us a report of non-compliance with the copyright so that we can process your request. Submission of documents is required to prove ownership of the video, and your documents will be protected by Billboard TV.
    • It is not possible to change the username on Billboard TV, so you must be careful when choosing a username. If you have a formal request (brands, companies, etc.) or typographical forms, request to change your name to the center Support Send your TV billboard. Note this request will be considered; And according to the relevant expert, it is possible to reject the application.
    • It is not possible to delete the channel, email and contact number registered in the channel; But you can change and edit the email or contact number from the profile section, settings section.

To better produce and publish content on Billboard TV, we suggest you read the rules for uploading video on Billboard carefully:

  • Note that you must respect the copyright of uploaded videos (dubbing, Iranian movies and series, etc.).
  • Videos should not contradict the morals and customs of the Islamic society.
  • Avoid uploading videos that cause political tension and inflammation.
  • Avoid uploading insulting videos to political officials and ethnic and religious minorities.
  • Citizens’ mockery of the videos is prohibited; if reported, the video will be removed from the Billboard TV platform.
  • Avoid posting videos with disturbing images.
  • Unauthorized soundtrack videos may not be broadcast on Billboard TV.
  • Avoid duplicate videos on one or more channels at the same time.
  • Unable to download and upload videos from other channels to your channel. Upon reporting, uploaded videos will be removed from your channel and you will not be able to access the uploaded video for a while.
  • Video titles should be video-related, duplicate and irrelevant titles prevent your video from being viewed and effectively engaging your audience.
  • Tags must be fully relevant to the published video in order to attract the right audience. Using unrelated tags leads to reports from other users, and in addition, Billboard TV algorithms no longer show your videos to your audience in the search results for those tags.

Print and Advertising Services Rules ;

Please note the following before ordering.

  1. Sending orders is required by the laws of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance.
  2. Orders that have a print ban, such as coffee divination and tarot. Tattoo. Pictures of women (face or body). Dance training. Bodybuilding . Design of playing cards. Installation of satellite antenna. Pyramid companies. Photos of the faces of the Imams and all-Latin designs (labels), etc., if it is removed from the eyes of the printing supervisor of this printing house and enters the printing process, after printing this order will be destroyed by the printing house and all costs and cash consequences. Penalty is the responsibility of the customer.
  3. The photo of a human face has no warranty and no guarantee. (It is not guaranteed due to the possibility of red or darkening of the photo, however, billboard printing and advertising will do its best to make the products better. )
  4. Scanned designs have no warranty.
  5. If you have any tips when ordering, refer to the “Help / Product Guide” section of the site.
  6. Full color offset forms and general form envelopes are delivered with a 15% color difference, so co-workers who want to print exactly like their sample file must place an order.
  7. If there is a problem with the orders of Flex, banner, sticker and mesh before installation, it must be referred to, otherwise it is not considered as a reference.
  8. Important Note: In general forms, it is not possible for one color to be an office set. (Because each form is different)
  9. Golden colors. silver . Phosphor. Turquoise (blue green). In general forms and business cards, there is no guarantee due to the multiplicity of different colors in the form.
  10. Read the color standard and warranty terms of this printing house, as well as the contents of black and gray.
  11. Do not use boxes and shapes around your design that cause symmetry in the card. (The box is not guaranteed in any of the products and the box similar to the sample file must be observed.)
  12. The time allotted for each service is the time of preparation in the billboard office which is mentioned in the order guide, and colleagues who use the services of courier, post, Tipax, folding line, adhesive head and other services of this collection must have a delay time. Calculate two or three days.
  13. Check your file in coreldrow and freehand before sending and make sure your file is safe.
  14. Orders A5 and larger in simple visit forms are not covered by the warranty.
  15. Orders for which a license is required to be registered, some of which are as follows: Logos of state-owned companies – All-Latin labels – Pharmaceuticals – Chemicals – Warranty card types – Traffic and driving labels – Food Labels – Medical Equipment – Cosmetics and …
  16. Before ordering, be sure to read the contents of the file upload section and new orders. If you do not comply with any of the above and the contents of the file upload section and new orders and the warranty and standard sections of the templates, your order is not included in the warranty and the printing house will not be responsible.
  17. Dear colleagues, please note that this collection is obliged to reprint your order in case of possible damages if you have complied with all the warranty conditions. And we will not charge a refund, so let your customers know in advance.
  18. When ordering a sticker, note that if you want to get a higher quality, be sure to choose an eco-salon printed sticker.
  19. Dear Colleagues, Please note that reference works can be returned only at the time and sex ordered.
  20. Dear Colleagues, Please note that this collection makes every effort to deliver products on time. However, in cases such as floods, snow, icy roads, accidents and possible breakdowns of trucks that are beyond the reach of this complex, it will not be liable (so when taking orders from your customers, listen for possible delivery errors or delay the time. Consider)