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Pro-Palestine protests held in UK against arming Israel_thumbnail

In Glasgow, a group of pro-Palestine activists blocked the entrance to the Thales plant, demanding an end to the supply of ammunition and weapons to Israel. Meanwhile, in Shenstone, members of the Palestine Action group blocked entrances to the UAV Engines Ltd factory, Al Jazeera reported. Police arrested six protesters at the scene, the group […]

Iran condemns assassination attempt against Slovakian PM_thumbnail

Nasser Kan’ani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, condemned the assassination attempt against the Prime Minister of the Slovakia Republic, Robert Fico on Wednesday. Kan’ani wished health and a speedy recovery for the Slovakian Prime Minister. Media reports said on Wednesday that Slovakia’s populist Prime Minister Robert Fico […]

Russian forces take control of three settlements in Ukraine_thumbnail

Moscow’s forces have pushed into the Kharkiv region this month, home to Ukraine’s second biggest city, in what Western military analysts believe may be an attempt to carve out a so-called buffer zone to try to protect Russia’s neighboring Belgorod region from Ukrainian shelling and incursions, Reuters reported. The defense ministry said in a statement […]

Russian destroys 10 US-made ATACMS missiles_thumbnail

Air defenses have downed ten ATACMS missiles over the Crimean Peninsula, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. “Several attempts by the Kyiv regime to carry out terrorist attacks on Russian targets were foiled last night,” the statement reads. “The attacks involved US-made Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles, French-made Hammer guided aerial bombs, […]

Azerbaijan relocating its embassy in Iran_thumbnail

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan stated that the diplomatic activity of the embassy in Tehran will resume shortly. As a result of carried out work, the new location of the Embassy has already been determined, he said. Currently, appropriate measures are being taken to create the necessary conditions for the Embassy […]

Iran, Russia working on single BRICS currency: envoy_thumbnail

Iran is actively participating in the activities organized under Russia’s chairmanship in BRICS, and the countries are working to create a single currency for the association, Jalali said in a press conference during “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum”. The ambassador noted that Iran, as a new member state of the association, is conducting large-scale work […]

Russia ready for talks with Ukraine: Putin_thumbnail

He recalled that Moscow “never refused to negotiate,” it was politicians in Kyiv who “withdrew from the negotiation process” as soon as troops were pulled back from Kyiv. “We were deceived once again,” Putin said. “Now we have to understand who we should do business with and how. Who and to what extent we can […]

China urges Taiwan president-elect choose between war, peace_thumbnail

“It’s peace, not war; development, not regression; interactions, not separation; and cooperation, not confrontation that represent the prevailing public sentiment in Taiwan society,” said Chen Binhua, spokesman of China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, commenting on Lai’s possible inauguration speech on Monday. The spokesman said Lai “must decide whether to heed the people’s aspirations and […]

Egypt said to form panel to mull moves against Israel_thumbnail

According to UAE news site The National as quoted by the Israeli regime’s media, the panel is to also include constitutional experts and senior intelligence officers. The report says further details on the panel’s makeup and mandate are unknown, but elaborates that it “reflects the depth of anger Cairo feels over the seizure by Israel […]

Slovakia PM Robert Fico in ‘very serious’ condition_thumbnail

Fico, 59, was shot five times in the central town of Handlova on Wednesday after he left a government meeting. He was in critical condition and underwent several hours of emergency surgery. “During the night, doctors managed to stabilise the patient’s condition,” Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak said on Thursday, according to Al Jazeera. “Unfortunately, […]

ISIL attack on Iraqi forces leaves 5 killed_thumbnail

The ISIL agents carried out the terrorist operation early on Tuesday in Iraq’s Saladin province. Five  military forces were killed and five other people were injured during the ISIL attack. ISIL, which attacked Iraq on June 7, 2014, and managed to capture about 45% of the country’s territory for a short period of time, was […]

Western strikes on Yemen have no excuse: Russian envoy_thumbnail

“The already difficult situation has become even more complicated due to the Western coalition’s unjustified strikes on the territory of sovereign Yemen, undertaken in violation of the UN Charter,” he said at a meeting of the UN Security Council. Nebenzya also noted the failure of attempts “to justify this aggression by Security Council Resolution 2722 […]

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